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Until 3 years of age, a healthy child has fat pad under the longitudinal arch bone. You can find out whether the arch is well developed under the fat pad by getting your child on their tiptoes. The arch of a healthy foot is neatly cut - shaped into a semi-bow. Approximately at the age of 3 years, it is necessary to check for symptoms of flat arches like pronounced X-shaped heels, clear walking with the toes pointed out, clear x-shaped knee misalignment and evening pain, or pain after the applied load on the front of the knee.


One third of children in their first grades at the primary school have flat feet. Molded insole that removes the strain from the arches is a good prevention. Do not underestimate changing of the shoes! A child spends most of the day in pre-school or school, and therefore the criteria for proper shoes also applies to changing shoes regularly. We recommend open sandals with a shaped insole which doesn’t make the kids’ feet sweat.

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